Brian D. Kwan

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public

Ten Reasons to Use Us

1. Technology Advanced Office
We use the latest in technology to ensure your matter is completed in a time and cost-effective manner. Through our continual upgrades, we strive to improve our systems to ensure that you are receiving the best solution available.

2. Accessibility
Our head office is located on a single floor stand alone building, making it easily accessible to handicapped or elderly clients. We have installed a handicap accessible washroom for our clients. Our parking pad in front of our building makes dropping off and picking up clients quick and easy. For particularly challenged clients, we offer off-site appointments.

3. Location
Although the head office is located in the Scarborough area of Toronto, we also have numerous meeting locations around the GTA. By appointment, we would be glad to meet with you in Scarborough, North York, downtown Toronto or Mississauga.

4. Cost
When we speak of cost, we do not refer to price, but rather, the overall cost of your transaction. Our fees are not the cheapest ones around, but with the services that we often include, you will find that we are competitive with many other law firms around the city. Our additional services also mean a minimal interruption to your work, meaning that you will be free to earn more, doing what you do best. You won't find any real unexpected charges in our fees.

5. Experience
We use an experienced staff to ensure that your matter is handled properly. Your matter will be reviewed by at least two staff members with over 20 years of combined experience.

6. Service
We are proud to serve you and therefore treat you the way we would expect to be treated. Your wait times for appointments should be minimal and the person attending to you matter will be courteous. You should not accept anything less.

7. Community
We have had a pressence in the community for many years and have been involved in many charitable and non-profit projects. By supporting us, you are supporting the community and others who are in need.

8. Up to Date Knowledge
Not only do we upgrade our technology on a regular basis, but we also upgrade our knowledge and skills. We attend multiple seminars each year, including Continuing Legal Education seminarsĀ held by the Law Society of Upper Canada. By ensuring a high level of education, we are able to identify and deal with current issues related to your matter.

9. Availability
Unlike many professionals who only work 9-5 and Monday-Friday, we realize that you can't always meet with us during those times. We try our best to accomodate you outside of normal working hours with no additional cost.

10. Client Satisfaction
The most important aspect is that you are satisfied. A low price, great location and great qualifications do not mean anything if you are not satisfied with our services. We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience and will work with you to determine how we can accomodate your needs.

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